President reopens administrative reorganization debate

The Head of State has mentioned Romania’s administrative reorganization once again. Last Thursday, during a conference on economic issues, the Head of State announced that he will start discussions with political parties so that the reorganization will take place by 2012. “As it is organized now the country cannot stimulate development. We have decisions taken on surfaces that are far too small, and I’m talking about Counties, and we have decisions that are extremely difficult to negotiate. We will have to administratively reorganize the country in order to allow investments to take place,” the President said. A draft law on creating 16 regions is already debated in Parliament.

The initiative belongs to the UDMR group and has already been tacitly adopted by the Senate. The initiative has been in stand-by within the Administration Commission for approximately three months. Hungarian MPs want their draft to go through because in it they propose the creation of a region that would contain the Mures, Harghita and Covasna Counties, a region that would thus roughly match the Szekler Land. Deputy Prime Minister Marko Bela stated on Friday in Targu Mures that UDMR representatives “would have a say” in what concerns Romania’s administrative reorganization, however stating that the said reorganization cannot take place by 2012. Nevertheless, during a TV show last Thursday President Basescu warned that the administrative reorganization plan will be set by Parliamentary majorities, not by minorities, and that he is not the fan of concentrating a minority in a region.

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