Romania might have 40 minimum wages

Trade union confederations proposed, on Friday, that the economy should be divided in 39 sectors, meaning that Romania could have 40 minimum wages, one for each sector, plus the public system, the deputy president of “Cartel Alfa”, Petru Dandea, stated, after the meeting of the Labour Ministry’s Social Dialogue Committee, Mediafax reports. According to the latter, the Labour Ministry suggested that, in the following days, the proposal should be analysed by both the ministry representatives and the employers’ confederations.

“The first sector contracts may be signed this autumn,” the deputy president of “Cartel Alfa” added. In turn, the secretary general of the Romanian Alliance of Employers Confederations, Adrian Izvoranu, stated that there are 40 activity sectors at EU level, while 21 such sectors exist at the level of the International Labour Organization. At present, there are two minimum wages in Romania, namely, RON 670, proposed by the Government, and RON 710, stipulated in the unified collective labour agreement.

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