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October 1, 2020

Adrian Severin, heard by EP’s Legal Committee

The MEP Adrian Severin was to be heard, yesterday, by the European Parliament’s Legal Committee in the matter of lifting his immunity in the context of the false “lobbyists”’ scandal. The committee was summoned, according to protocol, to address the lifting of Severin’s immunity, after the National Anti-corruption Directorate filed a petition to this purpose to the European Parliament on April 5. The MEPs will not address charges in Severin’s case as such, but will discuss, exclusively, the grounds for divesting him of his immunity, to allow the initiation of a trial. In practice, Adrian Severin is given, for the first time, a chance to present his own view on the matter, in an institutionalized context. Last Friday, Severin stated he would go to the hearing, which is to take place behind closed doors, but argued he did not think it “elegant and fair to make any public statements before this meeting takes place.” Undercover “Sunday Times” reporters offered Severin and another two MEPs, a Slovenian and an Austrian one, a EUR 100,000-bribe each, in exchange for ensuring the adoption of certain amendments. The three MEPs accepted the bribes and Severin sent an email to the false “lobbyists: “This is just to let you know the amendment you had wanted was filed in time”. Shortly afterwards, he sent a EUR 12,000-bill for “consultancy services.”

Vadim Tudor calls on EP to defend his immunity

The case of the MEP Corneliu Vadim Tudor also came to the attention of the European Parliament’s Legal Committee, as a petition to safeguard his immunity came up on the committee’s agenda. The committee was to appoint, yesterday, a rapporteur in this case. Vadim Tudor is the object of a criminal investigation for outrage in Romania in a case in which he acted in defiance of a court order for eviction from the Greater Romania Party (PRM – the party whose leader Vadim Tudor is) office.

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