Dancu, Rus and Paszkany are entering Cluj media market

Vasile Dancu, ex-Social Democratic Party senator, bought, along with a group of investors, including the former PSD minister Ioan Rus and the CFR Cluj financier, Arpad Paszkany, the local TV stations NCN and Transylvania Channel, the newspapers “Mesagerul de Cluj” and “Servus, Cluj” and the portal.

The sociologist Vasile Dancu, who is also the head of the IRES institute, stated, for Mediafax, that he owned a sufficient number of shares in the media products purchased to have the power to restructure them. Dancu is the sole administrator and chairman of the new media trust’s Board of Directors. Dancu said he would commission an audit for all the media products purchased, to be able to decide on a re-organizing and extension strategy and on the number of people that need to be hired. “We want to create a product that will become a regional and, then, a national brand, which will stand for something in the media and which will not be a political mouthpiece for anyone,” he added. The sociologist further said his strategy would focus on the local consolidation of the TV station NCN, the rating leader in Cluj, according to him, and on making use of Transylvania Channel’s regional license to extend at a regional and, then, a national level, by inclusion in the main cable operators’ program range. “We wish to set up a studio in Bucharest then, for the news and productions of national interest and for decisions made in the capital,” he added.

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