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February 1, 2023

Kino Plus at Romanian Peasant’s Museum

The Romanian Peasant’s Museum will host, between May 23 and 29, seven film screenings, within the Russian Film Festival Kino Plus. The event will include the awards gala for the students’ subtitling competition for the films in the project. Kino Plus is the first large-scale post-1989 cine-cultural manifestation meant to continue the tradition of promoting Russian cinema in Romania.

The festival was opened, on Monday, by the film “The Star”, a production of the Mosfilm cinema concern, directed by Nikolai Lebedev.

Today, 7pm
The Italian

The film centres on Vanya, a little Russian boy adopted by an Italian family. A carefree life awaits Vanya in Italy, but the little boy cannot silence the call of blood: the little boy decides to seek his mother and runs away to look for her.

Wednesday, 7pm

1920s Soviet Russia, during the New Economic Policy: the student Kostea Ivanov is drawn to a new musical genre – jazz. For this reason, he is expelled from school. He is facing a difficult choice – pursuing his studies or his favourite music.

Thursday, 7pm
American Daughter

The hero of this tale, a musician in a Moscow restaurant, comes to San Francisco to kidnap his daughter. Little Anya had been brought to America by his ex-wife, in secret, to marry a respectable American.

Friday, 7pm
Day of the Full Moon

Saturday, 7pm
Propaganda Brigade

During the war, a group of artists are travelling, aboard a ship which carries an itinerant cinema, along a Siberian river, on whose banks former kulaks live, after being displaced from all across the Soviet Union. The group of artists stops in each village, to offer concerts and to show films.

Sunday, 7pm

The story takes place during an international (Russian-American-Jewish-Gypsy-Japanese-Indian) wedding feast, and the “programme” includes family secrets exposed, the disappearance and return of a huge diamond, chases, song and dance routines, changing wives, the neutralization of a Mafia group and many other such things.

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