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December 1, 2022

Letea horses adopted by Vier Pfoten foundation

The half-wild horses in Letea Forest, which narrowly escaped being slaughtered in a slaughterhouse in Sfantu Gheorghe, were adopted by the Vier Pfoten foundation, the prefect of Braila County Dumitru Popa announced on Monday. At present, the animals are at a farm in Urleasca, Braila County.

“A protocol was signed, by which the horses were adopted by Vier Pfoten. The foundation will be their legal owner henceforth and will act, in good faith, as their owner. Tests are being conducted now, samples are being collected, and, depending on the results, the sick horses will be taken to an authorized slaughterhouse, while the healthy ones will remain in Vier Pfoten’s care,” Dumitru Popa stated, quoted by HotNews. According to the prefect, “all the necessary care – including food, water, watch and medical treatments – will be ensured at the foundation’s expense and Vier Pfoten is to find new locations for the horses.

The scandal regarding the horses in C. A. Rosetti, a village in the protected area of the Danube Delta, broke out last week, when several NGOs released images which showed the horses kept in enclosures, some of them malnourished and with bloody wounds. The horses were to be sent to a slaughterhouse. On Friday night, the traffic police stopped the transport, after it was established that, although the driver produced valid documents of transport, origin and health, the animals were wounded and in a visible state of discomfort, as the special, food and water, regulations for their transport had been violated. The horses were taken subsequently to a farm in Urleasca, Braila County, a place set by the animal protection agencies, to be fed, watered and given the needed medical care.

The images showing the Letea horses have stirred, in the past days, compassion, anger and public outrage at a national and international level.

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