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September 28, 2021

3,000 CFR Freight employees to be laid off starting in July

CFR Freight announced that its employees’ work programme has been cut by two days and 3,000 jobs will be cut through collective lay- offs as of July, Mediafax informs. The institution has started an ample restructuring and reorganization programme whose purpose is to lower losses and arrears and to remain within the limits of the salary fund ear- marked through its budget. Moreover, the trade unions that are signa- tories of the collective work contract were consulted on May 18, 2011.

In their turn, employee representatives oppose the measures and consider that they infringe the work contract because they were taken  without the  agreement of  the  Locomotive Mechanics’ Federation and without respecting the legal provisions currently in force. Trade union members state that according to the documents signed by the administration the work week will be cut from 5 to 4 days, the measure thus resulting in a four-day cut per month, not a two-day cut like CFR Freight representatives claim.

“Cutting the work week from five to four days will result in a 20 per cent salary loss apart from the 30 per cent salary cuts decided last year and against the backdrop of layoffs,” trade union representatives explained. Moreover, the ‘Cartel Alfa’ trade union is asking the Ministry to force the CFR Freight leadership to negotiate with Locomotive Mechanics’ Federation representatives at once in order to find legal solutions that will respect the collective work contract currently in force.

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