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August 14, 2022

Argentina-Romania: 80 years of diplomatic ties

Message from Argentina’s Ambassador to Romania, H.E. Mr. CLAUDIO PEREZ PALADINO.

This year, Argentina and Romania celebrate the 131st anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations and the 80th anniversary of the opening of our Embassy. Today, our two countries enjoy a promising partnership across a broad range of fields, and are committed to the task of strengthening and diversifying their bilateral ties.
Romania and Argentina belong to the big family of Latin nations; it is no surprise, therefore, that our cultures share so many similarities. Both languages testify the legacy of our roots; our way of life, our feelings and social uses are also proof of the Latin identity. This has become indeed a solid ground on which to build the existing partnership, with the awareness that our links will always benefit from the advantage of a common heritage. The high-level meetings which have taken place in the last years witness the state of our bilateral relations. Let us mention the most relevant among them, as well as the ones which will come soon:

The fourth meeting of the Bilateral Commission, with the presence of the Secretary of State for International Commerce in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, was held on June 22nd, 2009 in Bucharest. The next meeting is scheduled in Buenos Aires in September.

The Vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina visited Bucharest on April 10th, 2010, when a bilateral meeting of political consultations was held. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Teodor Baconschi, visited Buenos Aires May 25th and 26th, 2010 and took part in the celebration of the Bicentennial of Argentina.

During the next visit to Bucharest of the Minister of Science, Technology and Production Innovation of Argentina, Mr. Lino Barañao on June 10th, a bilateral treaty of scientific cooperation will be signed. Furthermore, other treaties related to mining, technical cooperation, tourism and diplomatic institutes are under negotiation.

We share similar positions in many subjects of the international agenda, like human rights and environment, and have given reciprocal support to candidates in the international organizations system.

Within the framework of bilateral institutional cooperation projects, a joint stamps issue of Romfilatelia and the National Post of Argentina was launched in both countries in 2010, as a hallmark of the Bicentennial of Argentina and a sign of friendship between our two nations. This joint edition makes reference to the beauty of the landscapes of both countries. As a matter of fact, some of these landscapes in Argentina belong to the region where the well-known Romanians Emil Racovita and Iulius Popper were once present.

Our two peoples share a passion: sports; first and foremost, football. On August 10th, Romania and Argentina will play a friendly match in Bucharest. It will be an excellent opportunity to see the waving flags of our two countries side by side in the new National Stadium of Bucharest. Further, let us remember that the national rugby team from Argentina “Los Jaguares” took part in the Nations Cup 2010, in Bucharest.

As well, the Argentine national rugby team “Los Pumas” will meet Romania on 17 September 2011 during the World Cup in New Zealand.

The national tennis teams from Argentina and Rumania met in a Davis Cup match last February in Buenos Aires.
It should also be mentioned that some football players from Argentina are part of Romanian teams and perform successfully in the top positions of the national league.

From the standpoint of the cultural relations, let us mention the growing importance of tango in Romania. A lively tango community has been created in Bucharest six years ago, and has ever since disseminated the passion for the Argentine dance in other Romanian cities like Brasov, Constanza, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara and Sibiu. Month after month, several tango teachers from Argentina visit Romania and organize classes, seminars and dance shows which are enthusiastically welcomed by the members of the Romanian tango community. As regards literature, many works of well-known writers from Argentina –like Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortázar – have been translated in Romania and enjoy growing appreciation among readers.

Last but not least, economy and commerce are prominent points in the bilateral agenda. The exchanges in the field of trade of goods and services offer promising possibilities of development. Agriculture and technology for the production of food, tourism, IT, creative industries, biotechnology, etc. feature as some of the most future-oriented sectors in our economies.

We are particularly interested in the development of reciprocal investments. Argentina wants to attract foreign funds for projects with direct impact in the development of the country. Romanian investors who are looking for global opportunities may find in Argentina a reliable business platform for their future operations.

Finally, let us take the opportunity of this 80th anniversary of diplomatic relations to keep on building closer links between Argentina and Romania and deepening the traditional friendship of our two peoples.

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