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May 24, 2022

Romania-Argentina, an always solid, dynamic relationship

Message from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“May 25 is Argentina’s National Day and marks the annual celebration of the so-called Day of the May Revolution or El Día de la Revolución de Mayo. That day, in 1810, was the starting point not the finishing line. The Independence was confirmed six years later, in July 1816.

The 2011 anniversary coincides with the 80 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Argentina and Romania, when Ricardo Olivera, in his capacity as an envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the Republic of Argentina to Romania, arrived in Bucharest and presented his credentials on April 24, 1931. In his speech held on that occasion he expressed great satisfaction for “the inauguration of diplomatic relations between our two nations”.

During the last eight decades, Romania and Argentina systematically strengthened their economic, political and cultural ties. We strongly believe that our relationship will always be solid, dynamic and motivated by shared interests. We have common objectives on the bilateral and multilateral agenda, such as promoting economic freedom and trade, justice and human rights, tolerance, discussion on measures to address the climate changes and energy security.

A number of common initiatives are aimed at boosting bilateral cooperation and enhancing economic, scientific, technological and cultural links between our nations. The business environment will explore new opportunities at the next Meeting of the Joint Economic Commission. A series of present and future cooperation activities are underway between our private sectors and government entities, including joint seminars and meetings to be held in Bucharest and Buenos Aires. In about two and a half months, the Argentine national football team is coming to inaugurate the new “National Arena” in Bucharest in a friendly game against the Romanian national team. These are only a few examples that illustrate our desire to deepen the engagement between Romania and Argentina in various fields of cooperation.

Today, Argentina celebrates El Día de la Revolución de Mayo presenting itself as a vibrant, modern and solid democratic country with a vast cultural heritage and celebrating its history as a committed actor in a globalised world.
Romania joins the anniversary and wishes Felicidades a todos los argentinos!”

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