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May 23, 2022

Romanian state sentenced by ECHR in “1989 Revolution” inquiry

Chairman of “21 Decembrie” Association, Teodor Maries, granted EUR 6,000-damages.

The Romanian state was sentenced, yesterday, at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), in the suit filed by the “21 Decembrie” Association and other parties, on charges of violating the right to life and the right to a private life, in the “1989 Revolution” investigation, and is to pay EUR 6,000 damages to the chairman of the association, Teodor Maries, after the Romanian Intelligence Agency (SRI) refused to tell him if he had been trailed, Mediafax informed.
Thus, the Court decided that the Romanian state should pay EUR 15,000-damages to Nicolae and Elena Vlase, for violation of article 2 and EUR 6,000 to the chairman of the “21 Decembrie” Association, Teodor Maries, for acting in violation of article 8. At the same time, the Romanian Government has to pay EUR 20,000 to the lawyers Antonie Popescu, Ioana Sfaraiala and Ionut Matei, who represented Maries. Nicolae and Elena Vlase are the parents of a 19-year-old who was killed, in Brasov, during the 1989 Revolution, while taking part in an anti-communist manifestation suppressed by the law-enforcers.

Teodor Maries sued the state as participant in the anti-communist manifestations, during the Revolution. The three parties’ grounds for complaint were the state’s failure to conduct an effective investigation and procrastinations of a resolution in the case of the violent suppression of the December 1989 Revolution.

The “21 Decembrie 1989” Association also filed a complaint at ECHR in reference to the “1989 Revolution” investigation, conducted by the Military Prosecutor’s Office. The association denounced the investigators’ procrastination in issuing a resolution and asked for copies of all documents related to the investigation, to analyze. ECHR issued a ruling favourable to the association, so that the Bucharest authorities had to send copies of most documents pertaining to the investigation. The sending of the copies to the organization Maries is representing lasted several months, and was fraught with numberless controversies between the leader of the association and the representatives of several state institutions. To obtain the requested copy, Maries embarked, on two occasions, on hunger strikes, going on for several dozen days.

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