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September 16, 2021

Talks about possible replacement of PM Boc, revived

Boc – Basescu meeting at Cotroceni. Raluca Turcan: A change of premier could make government and party credible again.

PM Emil Boc went to Cotroceni for talks with President Traian Basescu yesterday, after the meeting with the Deputies representing the national minorities in Parliament, official sources say, according to Mediafax. The meeting took place amidst rumours that the government will be reshuffled within a week as the government needs a new labour minister. There is also information that PM Boc may also resign, information that has been also confirmed by some of the discussions that took place within the joint Bureaus of the two chambers of the Parliament yesterday. ‘There has been information that he (Emil Boc – our note) is already at Cotroceni. It seems the information came from an ambassadors’ gathering. The discussion went at the level of possibilities, no one knew anything for certain, but people from PDL and PSD were aware of that. Obviously, comments were subsequently made on the viability and opportunity of the move, as well as the chance that the rumour might be true’, said one of the MPs attending the Standing Bureaus’ meeting, quoted by Mediafax.

At the same time, sources in PDL told decenews.ro that President Traian Basescu had announced his intention to participate in the cabinet meeting this week, which may be because he has already made the decision to replace the premier.

Yesterday, PDL MP Raluca Turcan, still resentful because she did not get a leading position in the party in the recent National Convention, made a rather surprising statement, all the more so as she was known as a fervent supporter of Emil Boc’s motion and his governmental policies. More exactly, Turcan told RFI that a new PM with a maximum of credibility and who should be a much appreciated personality could make both the government and PDL credible again. ‘I keep my opinion that a chance of PM could revitalise everything, but it would not be enough. Both the ministers and the people at the lower PDL levels should be evaluated because continuing government reforms will not be enough to make PDL credible again’, Turcan said.

When asked yesterday about a possible cabinet reshuffle, PM Boc answered that Romania has a government, a prime-minister and the Coalition is stable.

Meeting with minorities’ group

PM Boc had a two-hour meeting with the MPs of the national minorities yesterday, but both he and the deputies denied having talked about reshuffling the government or a change of PM. Boc was not very generous with his statements, only saying that he and the MPs representing national minorities had discussed ‘specific matters’ and legislative aspects. Group leader Varujan Pambuccian, in his turn, said they had discussed their amendments to the National Minorities’ Statute bill and some ‘malfunctions’ of the coalition in the country, but ‘absolutely nothing’ on government reshuffling. Regarding the possibility of replacing Boc, Pambuccian said that was PDL’s problem and not the minorities’. ‘It is PDL’s problem, not ours. It really is not our problem. We only have one problem which we have pursued since we entered the Parliament – the matters concerning our communities. What other people do about their parties, about internal fighting…’ he said. Pambuccian also showed that the fact that Emil Boc would be replaced in the following 48 hours was just a rumour.

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