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October 2, 2020

Romania, lagging behind in European ranking of women decision-makers

Romania is ranking among the last countries in the EU based on the number of women promoted to decision-making positions, both in the political and the administrative/ business field, according to a report of the European Commission, covering the first quarter of 2011.

Out of the total 471 Romanian MPs, only 45 are women, which is a little below 10 pc, Realitatea.net reports. Only two states in the EU have a lower representation level – Hungary and Malta (where 9 pc of the total number are women). Turkey ranks at the same level, of 9 pc, outside the EU space.

The European country with the largest number of women in the national Parliament is Sweden – where nearly half of MPs (46 pc) are women. Other states where women are well-represented in the Legislative are Finland (40 pc), Belgium (39 pc) and The Netherlands (37 pc).

Romania is doing just as poorly as far as women in ministerial seats are concerned. With only 12 pc women in political leadership positions, we are ranking fourth from the bottom, after the Czech Republic, Hungary (0 pc) and Estonia (8pc). Northern countries boast the highest number of women in ministerial or state secretary positions: Denmark (47 pc), Finland (47 pc) and Sweden (46 pc).

As regards high-ranking civil servants (in non-political offices), 21 pc of the positions in Romania are held by women, slightly below the European average of 26 pc. In contrast, in Bulgaria women account for 40 pc of the total, while in Greece they account for 43 pc.

Women claim 29 pc of the company executives or entrepreneur positions in Romania, below the European average of 33 pc. The largest numbers of women in business executive positions are reported in France (36 pc), Spain (36 pc), Latvia (36 pc), the United Kingdom (34 pc) and Estonia (34 pc), while the lowest figures are reported by Cyprus (14 pc), Finland (17 pc) and Malta (20 pc).

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