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May 24, 2022

Police raids at Cugir and Caras-Severin

19 people were arrested in Cugir on charges of violent offences and offences against property and 12 in Caras-Severin on suspicion of migrant trafficking and fraud.

Large-scale police and prosecutors’ operations were conducted in Cugir and Caras-Severin yesterday. In the first case, the targets were the members of a group charged with violent offences and offences against property. Alba County Police spokesperson said 19 people had been arrested in yesterday’s raids, who were set to be brought in to the Alba Tribunal Prosecutor’s Office for questioning.

The sources aid the operation involved several suspects, but only 19 could be found at their addresses. In parallel, the Alba Tribunal prosecutors informed through a press release that they were investigating 29 persons on suspicion of attempted murder, association with the intention to commit criminal offences, assault and disturbance of public order. Prosecutors, Alba Iulia police workers and Alba gendarmes yesterday raided 25 addresses in Cugir and searched two vehicles. According to the quoted sources, on April 25, the 29 suspects associated, armed themselves with bats and hatchets and attacked two Cugir disco security guards. One of the victims sustained superficial injuries and managed to run. The second victim, however, was seriously hurt, requiring a total of 80 days of medical care.

Raids in Caras-Severin sought to dismantle a criminal group suspected of tax evasion, cigarette smuggling, migrant trafficking and fraud. A press release of the High Court Prosecutor’s Office states 12 individuals were taken into custody and brought in for questioning during the searches organised in Oravita, Milcoveni and Lescovita. Based on what they know so far, investigators say that, from October 2010 until March 2011, the suspects had smuggled important quantities of cigarettes from Serbia into Romania and illegal migrants from Romania into Serbia.

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