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November 29, 2022

Awareness campaign SOS Cardio proposes an evaluation of cardiovascular risk factors

Two in three Romanians have various heart conditions.

The Romanian Heart Foundation yesterday started an awareness campaign aimed at preventing cardiovascular diseases in Romania, under the name of ‘SOS Cardio – Watch out, cardiovascular risk!’ The campaign comes at a moment when Romania holds an unwanted leading position in a world top of deaths by cardiovascular disease. Romania holds the third position of this top, with 62 pc of total deaths caused by cardiovascular problems. According to medical studies, two in three Romanians fall victim to this kind of disease, one in three suffers from high blood pressure and stroke is a frequent incident at country scale.

“Romania holds one of the last places in Europe in terms of life expectancy, and Romanians live ten years less than the citizens of other states, because of cardiovascular diseases,” warned the president of the Romanian Society of Cardiology, Dr. Dan Deleanu.

“Enforcing preventive measures would have the biggest impact in curbing mortality caused by cardiovascular problems, with very low costs for the society. We badly need the support of the media,” said Prof. Dr. Dragos Vinereanu, the head of the Cardiology Committee of the Health Ministry, and secretary of the Romanian Heart Foundation.

“We are aware of our responsibility and we are convinced we can change our society to the better,” said Dr Raed Arafat, state undersecretary with the Health Ministry – an institution that supports the campaign.

The campaign wants to increase awareness about risk factors, their importance and what to do, by proposing a test of Risk Cards that would help everybody learn more about the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease – a simple and easy to use instrument. Medics have their own instruments, but before reaching a medic every Romanian should evaluate the risk himself. “this is how we got to Risk cards. Ten Risk Cards were created, each representing a risk factor. By recognising them and cumulating several cards, we can have an idea about the general cardiovascular risk,” Prof. Dr. Dan Gaita explains.

The test of cards can be easily made on www.soscardio.ro or by dialing the toll-free line 0-800-070-777.

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