Mironescu defended by his wife

Adriana Mironescu, the wife of Laurentiu Mironescu, former Secretary General within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, expressed support for her husband who is under preventive arrest for involvement in the Constanta Harbor bribery case, pointing out that the prosecutor’s resolution is based on false information.

In a press communiqué quoted by Mediafax she points out that her husband has had no political influence in recent years, having fallen out of favour with Mircea Banias, the President of PDL’s Constanta branch back at the time.

She recounted an incident that took place in December 2009 when Banias proposed her husband’s exclusion from the county branch’s political bureau. “One might say he and Banias were at such odds that they were no longer speaking to each other and avoided meeting in any public place. (…) In 2010 the same Banias proposed his exclusion from the party. How can one organize a crime group with two persons one is at odds with?,” Adriana Mironescu says.

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