“William & Kate: A Royal Love Story” was shot in Bucharest

“’William & Kate: A Royal Love Story’ was shot in several locations in Bucharest, including the Central School, the Stirbey Palace and the Romanian Writers’ House, and in the MediaPro studios. The shooting lasted 18 days,” representatives of the MediaPro Studios stated, quoted by “Evenimentul Zilei”.

The filming started in early May. The director of the film was Linda Yellen, who also signed “The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana” for CBS, in 1982. “’William & Kate: A Royal Love Story’ is more than a romance, it is also a psychological tale about the memory of the mother – in this case, princess Diana – and her inheritance (…). The film focuses on the way William chooses to live his life in light of those memories and considering the decisions he has to make,” Yellen recently said. The Princess of Wales is present in the feature film, though we don’t see her played by an actress, but in archive footage that her son is watching on several occasions, according to representatives of the MediaPro Studios.

The film will be first presented in August, by Hallmark Channel.

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