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October 3, 2022

Antonescu expects Patriciu to resign from PNL

PNL leader Crin Antonescu said that, if he were Dinu Patriciu and believed the things Patriciu writes about the party whose member he is, he would be ashamed to be a member of PNL and would leave the party. Antonescu said on B1TV that he had “very friendly relations” with Dinu Patriciu. Asked about the moment when his relationship with Patriciu ended, he answered: “As I see things, it certainly collapsed, I cannot pretend it did not, the moment when I saw the secret agents of Mr. Patriciu – as I joked about them in a phone conversation – competing with those of Mr. Basescu at the door of my poor block, taking useless pictures of my child when she got into the car and went to school. At that moment, something irreversibly broke.”

The PNL president believes Dinu Patriciu must have disagreed with how the party evolved and with the Liberal leadership. Asked if he expects Dinu Patriciu to resign from PNL, Antonescu said: “I neither expect, nor wish it, but if I were him, with his convictions, this is what I would do.”

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