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June 26, 2022

Basarab Bridge passed first round of endurance tests

The general mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, stated that tests on the Basarab pass had started on Monday. Thus, 13 tramcars and 26 trucks, with a total freight of approximately 1,500 tonnes, crossed the bridge on Monday and Tuesday. Today is the last day for tests. Oprescu claims that the Basarab Bridge passed the tests successfully, according to Capital.ro. He added that, when the tests are over, he would set up signboards on the bridge and one would say “Started by Basescu, completed by Oprescu”.

When the tests are over, their results will be analyzed and, if measurements correspond to the architect’s calculations, the pass will open for traffic in a few hours’ time. However, for the time-being, after the inauguration, the tramcars circulating along the bridge will not stop in the bus station on the bridge, as the elevators which should lead the passengers up the platform are not completed yet.

“Traffic calculations have been made and it was estimated the pass will help the people of Bucharest save a total EUR 40 M. This includes petrol, tires and the time it takes to drive between the Victoria Square and the Drumul Taberei, Militari area,” the general mayor explained.

Although its building went on for about five years, the Basarab Pass will break several records, according to the builders. First and foremost, this is the widest pass in Europe, it will be the only one equipped with quake sensors, and the weight of the cars on the bridge will be taken on by 44 buffers. An average 400 people worked on the bridge, and the cost of the project amounts to RON 1 bln, but the mayor argues the investment was worth it, especially as it will be of service to the people of Bucharest. The bridge is guaranteed to last over 100 years.

Pipera pass to open in October, renovation works to start on Grant bridge

Oprescu further stated, on Monday, that the Pipera pass would be inaugurated in October, adding that every party would try to take credit for the bridge, although it is a joint effort of the people of Bucharest, “Romania Libera” reports.
In early April, the Bucharest mayor stated that works on the Pipera road and the flyover were going on according to calendar.

The project includes the widening, to six lanes, of Pipera Road (from two at present), between Calea Floreasca and the Bucharest-Constanta railway, and the building of a flyover passing above the Barbu Vacarescu boulevard, on the one side, and Calea Floreasca, on the other.  Moving on to another topic, after the inauguration of the Basarab pass, the City Hall will initiate restoration works on the Grant Bridge.

“We will be working mainly during the night, to allow traffic on it in the morning, because, if I put the people of Bucharest through another trial this summer, closing down another bridge just as the Basarab Pass opens for traffic, it will all have been in vain,” the general mayor added.

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