“Italy – the double anniversary”

Romanian Foreign Minister TEODOR BACONSCHI:

“On June 2nd, its National Holiday, Italy also celebrates 150 years since the creation of the national unitary state, 150 years from the moment when, on March 17, 1861 the Parliament of the Kingdom of Sardinia met in Turin and proclaimed Victor Emmanuel 2nd as “King of Italy, by the grace of God and the will of the people.” The founders of the new state include personalities such as Prime-Minister Count Camillo Benso di Cavour and the famous General Giuseppe Garibaldi. The young nation had an unequaled cultural heritage and a glorious history, which was often interwoven with that of its “younger sister” in terms of Latin heritage, Romania. Multiple interconnections and similarities with reflexes that ascend to modern times have shaped a relation that was consolidated in time, through efforts of mutual support and confidence. Without doubt, we can affirm that Romanian-Italian relations were placed, through the centuries, under the sign of continuity and convergence, of the joy we shared in crucial moments. Such examples are the Union of the 19th Century, and more recently, Romania’s accession to the European family in 2007.
In their turn, recent relations have become history – a successful history. Thus, only two decades ago, in 1991, Romania and Italy have concluded the ‘Treaty of Friendship and Collaboration,’ followed by the ‘Joint Statement on Strategic Partnership’ and the ‘Consolidated Strategic Partnership,’ the joint Cabinet meetings (the latest was held these very days), and countless contacts at all levels and in all sectors.

Italy is Romania’s second largest trading partner, with exchanges of nearly EUR 11 bln in 2010, it has a leading place among foreign investors, and ranks first as number of companies with Italian capital that operate in Romania. The resuming of the increase of bilateral exchanges, after the short syncope caused by the economic and financial crisis, makes us look with optimism to the future of our relations, with the conviction that there is a multilateral potential for an ever-increasing collaboration.

At international scale, the Romanian and Italian positions and approaches most often reflect a common vision of confidence in the sound evolution of the European and global community.

The vast relationship between our countries and peoples obviously means much more than dry figures or political relations. In the depth of the ties that unite us, today more than yesterday, there are the people – Romanians and Italians – who build a home for friendship through the years. This is why we must do more, to better know each other, giving new dimensions to the historic tradition that unites us.

Many Happy Returns, Italy!”

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