“The Forester’s Son”, by Tonitza, sold for EUR 115,000

The most eager participants in the auction held by Artmark Gallery last weekend, titled “My first painting”, which took place in the Le Diplomate ballroom hall of the Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel, were the children who, encouraged by their parents, made bids, cheering when they obtained the prize and shedding tears when the object in question went to another bidder. A little boy was so saddened by losing his favourite painting, “The Guardian Angel”, by Aurel Naray, that the buyer decided to relinquish it to him.

The highlight of the evening was the selling of the painting “The Forester’s Son”, by Nicolae Tonitza, a child portrait dating from the most important stage of the master’s creation. Four participants made competing bids for the work, up to EUR 115,000, above the maximum estimates, at which point the work was declared sold.

Another very popular painting, “A Flower in Her Hair”, by Kimon Loghi, a little girl’s portrait appraised between EUR 6,000 and 8,000, drew seven competing bids, from people in the hall and from buyers on the phone, up to EUR 13,500.

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