Ponta: “Referendum is needed for Basescu to resign”

The president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Victor Ponta, stated that Traian Basescu should have a referendum to ask the people whether they agree with the head of state’s idea of reducing his term by two years. “These are not years he can dispose of, we are speaking of an important office, the most important office in the state, of a mandate he received from the people. Mr. Basescu should, possibly, turn to the people by a referendum. He should ask them: ‘Do you want me to remain in office until 2014 or should I resign?’”, Victor Ponta argued, on Saturday evening, on Antena 3. The Social-Democrat leader further stated that nobody prevented Basescu from resigning from office.  Ponta further argued “all this is smoke and mirrors”. The president stated, last Wednesday, that he was pleading for the re-joining of presidential and parliamentary elections on economic grounds and voiced his openness to renouncing two years of his mandate if the Constitution is thus modified.

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