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January 28, 2022

Adrian Severin, among richest Romanian MEPs

Adrian Severin (independent MEP) and Elena Basescu (PDL) are among the richest Romanian MEPs according to Antena 3. Adrian Severin has 20 accounts in six different banks in Romania and abroad, totaling over EUR 1 M. Last year he won approximately EUR 150,000. According to the statement of wealth he filed in 2010, Severin had seven sources of income apart from his indemnity as MEP. He won over EUR 15,000 from three Romanian universities, over EUR 22,000 from two companies he offered consultancy services to and approximately EUR 75,000 from the European Parliament. Thus, Severin won EUR 74,364 form the European Parliament, EUR 5,381 from the Titu Maiorescu University, EUR 4,112 from the Bucharest University, EUR 6,061 from the Ovidiu Sincai Institute, EUR 7,000 from the Netherlands Arbitration Institute, EUR 11,825 from the Bucharest Court of Arbitration, EUR 5,000 from Unicredit International and EUR 17,500 from Chayton Capital Duna Property Fund.

Elena Basescu’s wealth grew in 2010 too. The MEP won approximately EUR 75,000 from the European Parliament. The estimated value of her jewels doubled from EUR 10,500 to EUR 22,500. Sebastian Bodu, another Romanian MEP, hiked his wealth by EUR 120,000 in 2010 compared to 2009. Bodu expanded his activity in the agricultural sector, becoming the owner of 50 per cent of a hayfield of 1,400 square meters.

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