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May 18, 2022

Mayor sentenced to 12 years in prison for illegal acquiring of funds

Daniel Dincuta, the mayor of Corbeni, Arges County, and Daniel Ungureanu, a former local councillor, will serve 12 years in jail under a ruling by the Curtea de Arges Court of Law, for illegal acquiring of money from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. The ruling is challengeable on appeal, which was filed by the lawyers for the two defendants with the higher court, The Arges Tribunal, Mediafax reports.

Mayor Dincuta and former local councillor Ungureanu, both with the Social-Democrat Party (PSD) will also have their civil rights banned for seven years, namely the right to vote and be elected for a public office, or be employed in a position similar to that in which they committed the said felony.

The court also ruled the two shall pay RON 305,186 to the Agency for Payment and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA). The two were brought to trial in November 2010.

Prosecutors with the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) charged Ungureanu with uttering towards illegal acquiring of funds from the general budget of European Communities and misappropriation of funds. The Corbeni mayor is charged with uttering and illegal acquiring of funds.

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