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January 25, 2022

Study: Romanian youth have a low level of commitment to employers

Romanian youth  pay a great deal of attention to workplace stress sources and are not attached to the companies that they work for, yet attach more importance to balancing professional and personal life. For them, the pressure of working long hours and health are “frequently” or almost “always” a problem or concern, according to an international study conducted by research company GfK.

The study shows that, in Romania, employees aged 18-29 are more concerned about the impact the workplace might have on their health (48 per cent) than their fellow workers 50 years of age and beyond (31 per cent). However, both age groups have similar stress   perceptions. Also, work-life balance is seen as more of a problem by older employees, as 57 per cent of the employees age 50 and over experience difficulties in this respect, against 46 per cent among the 18-29 age group.

Also, Romanian youth are not attached by the companies they work for. Romania ranks 19 among the 29 countries examined by the GfK, with a commitment level of only 12 per cent for the organizations that they work for. Globally, only 21 per cent of the workforce 18 to 29-year-old feel very attached to the companies for which they work, against 31 per cent for age 60 and over. This 10 per cent gap between the youth – who are usually the doers – and the senior workers/management could pose some real problems to companies worldwide, given the risk of intergenerational divisions and resentments, and could make more difficult the efforts of recruiting, maintaining and keeping motivated an appropriate influx of young workforce, the study shows.

Further more, two-fifths (40 per cent) of the youth in the 29 countries studied often feel stressed at their workplace – more than any other age group. Moreover, nearly one-third feel pressured to work long hours every day. One-third of the hired youth (34 per cent) are concerned about lacking the resources needed to work efficiently, compared to only 22 per cent of the employees aged 60 and over.

For nearly 40 per cent of the young in the 29 countries examined, keeping a balance between professional and personal life is a problem – the highest proportion, again, of all age groups – while one-third (32 per cent) feel workplace stress often impacting their health – up 5 per cent from the employees 50 through 59-year-old, and 10 per cent compared to those aged 60 and over.

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