Laszlo Tokes, contested both at home and in the EP

The leader of the PSD group in the European Parliament (EP), Catalin Ivan sought the resignation of MEP Laszlo Tokes from the position of EP vice-president, over his initiative to open a representative office of the Szeklers’ Land in Brussels and the “autonomy demands” raised by Tokes in the EP. “A vice-president of the EP speaks each day about segregation on ethnic criteria, about taking territories from a member state and giving them to another member state, about undermining the authority of a state within its borders. As a MEP, but also on behalf of the PSD group, I demand the resignation of Laszlo Tokes from the position of vice-president,” Ivan stated. The representative office of the Szeklers’ Land was formally opened last Wednesday. The Foundation for the Defense of Citizens against the Abuse of State (FACIAS) filed criminal complaints against Tokes and two other MEPs – Sogor Csaba and Iuliu Winkler – at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court. The NGO accuses the three politicians of plotting against the constitutional order – an offence punished by the Criminal Code.

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