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January 23, 2022

Negotiations between doctors, Ministry of Health and CNAS fail

Family physicians still won’t sign frame-contract and announce they will charge fees for consultations as of June 14.

The Minister of Health, Cseke Attila, invited yesterday the representatives of family physicians and the head of the National Health Insurance Office (CNAS), Lucian Duta, to a round of negotiations after the family physicians refused to sign the contracts for 2011, dissatisfied with several provisions in the new documents. Yesterday’s meeting ended without the parties reaching an agreement, so the doctors abide by their decision against signing the frame-contract and, as of June 14, they will start charging a fee for consultations.

According to Mediafax, during the negotiations, the representatives of the family physicians requested RON 200 M to cover overhead costs for their practices, while representatives of the Ministry of Health (MS) and CNAS argued the budget could not back such an amount. During the talks, several dozen family physicians gathered in front of the Ministry of Health, awaiting the result of negotiations.

Physicians said that, as of June 1, they were no longer able prescribe compensated and free drugs or to refer patients to specialists. They announced they would try to cover expenses for their practices until June 14, hoping that the problems would be solved by then and they wouldn’t have to charge a fee for consultations.

“We initially intended to introduce co-payment for the consultations for all patients as of Thursday (e. n. June 9), but we thought we would postpone the decision and try to cover expenses on our own for now, hoping that the problems may be solved by next week,” the chair of the National Society for Family Medicine/General Practice (SNMF/MG), Rodica Tanasescu (photo), stated, for Mediafax.

A similar position was adopted by the chair of the National Federation of Family Medicine Employers, Doina Mihaila, who stated that, since they couldn’t sign the frame-contract on June 1, given their differences with the National Health Insurance Office, physicians can no longer prescribe compensated drugs or refer patients to specialists.

The president of CNAS, Lucian Duta, warned, on Tuesday, that the state could not afford the 30 pc-raise requested by the family physicians in the present economic context.

According to Mediafax, yesterday, in Harghita County, 86 pc of family physicians had yet to sign the additional documents to the contract with the County Health Insurance Office (CJAS). The chair of the Harghita Family Physicians’ Association (AMF), Dr. Szabo Soos Klara, stated that, as of Thursday, most physicians would charge a fee for consultations. The chair of AMF Harghita added that family physicians requested that the percentage allotted to primary care out of the unified national health insurance fund should made public and should amount to 9 pc.

According to the aforementioned source, the percentage amounts to 5 pc now and any reduction thereof would lead to the loss of the family physicians’ license for practice.

According to the same source, approximately one half of family physicians in Arad had signed, by yesterday morning, the additional acts for the extension of contracts with CJAS, while the rest would not charge fees for consultations for now. The chair of the Arad Association of Family Medicine Employers (PMFA) claims that the other physicians do not wish to extend their contracts with CJAS and are dissatisfied with the terms of the additional documents.

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