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January 27, 2023

2 million offered bribes last year

85 pc of Romanians believe that corruption has increased over the last 5 years.

According to a report of the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI), 13 pc of Romanians admitted having offered bribes last year. In average, each of the 2.3 million Romanians paid RON 570 as bribes. The total value estimated by the report amounts to RON 1.32 bln (over EUR 300 M) paid as bribes over the last 12 months. Furthermore, three in four Romanians believe bribe is a condition for success in the country. The report, quoted by Realitatea.net, also refers to how citizens perceive the central and local administration. Some 80 pc of subjects consider the central administration is corrupt and 60 pc see local administration the same way. Coming to the level of corruption, 85 pc of Romanians believe it has increased over the last 5 years, and 13 pc think it remained unchanged. Only 6 pc of subjects answered that corruption has decreased during the aforementioned interval.

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