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August 13, 2022

Gabriel Oprea: Over 90 pc of army pensions have been raised

The Defence Minister, Gabriel Oprea, announced, yesterday, that the National Defence Ministry (MApN) completed, on June 1, the process of adjusting the 76,885 pensions of retired military cadres, adding that 90.2 pc of these had been raised. “Just as I said on every occasion, no army pension below RON 3,000, in the case of a full-span military career, has been reduced. Fur­ther­more, following adjustments, all these pensions have been raised,” the minister Gabriel Oprea stated. The minister explained that, on June 1, 2011, there were 77,078 pensioners and persons entitled to MApN benefits on record, out of which 193 were exempted from the recalculation of pensions, as these included military magistrates and persons entitled to disability and survivor’s pensions. “It has to be said that all those who took early retirements under the provisions of emergency ordinance no. 7/1998 benefited, and justly so, on their retirement, from compensation wages, as well as other payments stipulated under the military wage law.

They received the early retirement pension they were entitled to and had the chance to go on to practice other professions, having left the army early. This aspect has to be taken into consideration also,” the minister Gabriel Oprea further stated. He added that, in the case of those who took early retirements and went on to work in other sectors as civilians, their time of work after retirement is taken into consideration when the pension is recalculated and this would certainly result in raises, compared to December 2010 levels.

Oprea thanked the president Basescu for his support during the time the pensions were revised and criticized the opposition for “standing by and making comments across the fence”.

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