Senate expenditures totaled EUR 21 M last year

The budget costs incurred by the 137 Senators totaled EUR 21 M in 2010, namely EUR 1 per capita. The sum includes all expenditures necessary for the proper functioning of the Senate, the Senators’ indemnities and the salaries of Senate employees. The state spent approximately EUR 160,000 for each Senator in 2010, the equivalent of 1,000 minimum gross salaries. The largest expenditures – representing 70 per cent of the total sum – were those on personnel, namely indemnities for Senators, salaries for employees, holiday bonuses, prizes and bonuses. The Senate’s employees received EUR 286,000 in bonuses, EUR 309,000 in prizes and EUR 428,000 in holiday bonuses. The Senate’s utilities bill – heating, lighting, water and sanitation services – totaled more than EUR 600,000 last year, namely 28 per cent of the total sum spent by the institution. Approximately EUR 300,000 was spent on travels abroad.

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