RON 880,000 robbery on Bucharest’s ring road

Two people were robbed of RON 880,000 last Friday on Bucharest’s ring road, while they had pulled over to fix a flat tire. While they were out of the vehicle, four other people broke one of the car’s side windows and grabbed a sack with money, after which they fled the scene in two dark coloured vehicles, police said. The victims had withdrawn the money from a bank in the capital and when they got on the city’s ring road, they noticed they had a flat tire and stopped the car to fix it, Ilfov County Police Inspectorate spokesperson Claudia Burada told Mediafax. She added that the sum stolen amounted to RON 880,000. The perpetrators have not yet been identified. A similar incident happened on May 24 in Bucharest’s District 4, when a car was blocked in traffic by several masked men, who robbed the passengers in the vehicle of RON 200,000 and then took off.

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