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May 22, 2022

Social-Democrats, Liberals accept consultations with president

President Traian Basescu has invited the parliamentary parties to a dialogue on the territorial reorganisation and Constitution revision on June 21. USL was invited at about 2pm and the parties in the ruling coalition at 4pm.

Surprisingly enough, the opposition yesterday said it would be present, after refusing similar invitations to Cotroceni to discuss various topics in the past. On the other hand, the PSD and PNL representatives say they will only go Cotroceni to express their total disagreement with President Basescu’s proposals. PNL President Crin Antonescu said, yesterday, that USL was not going to discuss the agenda suggested by President Traian Basescu, but will try to convince him to give up on his idea of administrative-territorial reorganisation that would push Romania to ‘chaos and disarray’. Answering a question, Antonescu noted that USL would ‘automatically’ introduce a no confidence vote if the Government requests a confidence vote over the administrative reform bill. ‘Anyway, we will not be without reaction. We will say to Mr. Basescu: <Stop, because this time it is not a joke>’, said Antonescu.

On the other hand, the USL representatives are demanding the president to also ‘examine’ the PNL-PSD proposals for the modification of electoral legislation. Antonescu noted that USL would send the president their legislative proposals that will be tabled in Parliament on Wednesday only ‘out of courtesy’, because ‘the president of Romania is not supposed to give an opinion’ on such subjects that are solely for the debate of parliamentary parties.

In respect of the reorganisation of the territory, Active Watch – the Media Monitoring Agency and the Pro Democratia Association yesterday asked for a national referendum on the modification of the country’s administrative map, as well as for ‘systematic consultations with the entire Romanian society’. Meanwhile, the PDL leadership has decided to hold debates in the party’s county organisations, as well as with the civil society on the revision of the Constitution, as party spokesman Sever Voinescu said yesterday.

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