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Victor Piturca, one step closer to taking over the national team

The Romanian Football Association (FRF) head, Mircea Sandu (photo), held yesterday talks with Victor Piturca on the issue of taking over the football national team for a mandate of four years and five months, starting on July 1, 2011, a FRF communiqué informs.

Although the talks are to be continued today, sources say the two parties have agreed on the general conditions.

While leaving the FRF offices, Victor Piturca told the media: “I don’t like to make statements in the street, but now we have a special situation and I am doing it. It hasn’t been a tough decision to accept coming back to the national team,” he said.

Gheorghe Hagi refused on Monday Mircea Sandu’s proposal to become the new coach of the Romania national team, Agerpres reports. During a press conference Monday, Mircea Sandu announ­ced Victor Piturca as his top option for coach. “He qualified the team thrice and is able to reform the national team,” Sandu said, referring to Piturca. At the press conference, Mircea Sandu challenged the Lucescus to take over the Romania national squad now, and, provided they qualify the team to Euro 2012, he would step down as president of the Romanian Football Association (FRF). Sandu appea­red surprised at Razvan Lucescu’s statement he had decided to leave the national team a while ago.

Mircea Sandu made reproaches to Razvan Lucescu

Sandu had several reproaches to former coach Razvan Lucescu: “The South America tournament was scheduled since as early as last January. It was done with Razvan Lucescu’s agreement, he was even delighted about the tournament. I didn’t understand why he allowed some players not to join the team, Mutu, Sapunaru and Rat. Tamas was a different story, a case of indiscipline,” Mircea Sandu said. He went on saying: I made a direct reproach to Razvan Lucescu, both for not going on that tournament which he wanted, and for allowing three staple players to stay home on holiday before the national team completed their mission.”

“I was dismayed to read Razvan Lucescu’s statement he had beet set to leave one and a half months before the Bosnia game. It was a pure personal matter, no national concern, as far as I gather. Throughout the past one and a half months, all that Razvan Lucescu did, was make up the Rapid line-up, calling footballers to the national team who may have not been right for the team, but joined Rapid later on,” Mircea Sandu said, who concluded:  “In my view, this is intolerable. He deprived me of the opportunity to bring in Olaroiu, with whom I was discussing. I learn that Mircea Lucescu makes an interesting statement. That the team has 80% chance to qualify. I propose them the following: Dear Lucescus, you take over the national team, qualify it to Euro 2012, and I promise you that I step down as FRF president. Don’t remain in the realm of statements. Unless so, let whoever takes the team with the percentage rates of chance he has or not, and all that. Stop putting pressure on whoever comes at the national team”. Mircea Sandu said the next trainer will have four years to prepare the national team. “Team Romania is undergoing a reform delayed by six months to one year. His qualifying target is no sooner than 2016.”.

Foreign coaches – a last resort

Mircea Sandu did not rule out the likelihood for a foreign coach to train the team, unless he finds a Romanian to take over the job. He even gave the names of Italian Delio Rossi ans German Winfried Schafer as two potential choices. “If Piturca, or whoever else is there, turns the offer down, we will opt for a foreigner, Delio Rossi, for example, or Schafer. Unless the team qualify in two years, they leave, and what’s to gain from it? I would like to get a bit organized”.

Mircea Sandu concluded: “Gheorghe Hagi missed out on a major chance to train the national team. I won’t accept a caretaker coach. I want a coach to fully commit himself to the team. I saw what an interim could do, take the matches against Brazil and Paraguay.”

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