Brasov lawyer accused of ordering his wife’s murder

Legal sources say Victor Teodorescu wrote the plan of his wife’s killing on a piece of paper which he then gave to the murderer. The lawyer wanted to cash his spouse’s life insurance.

An unexpected twist of events in the case of the March 29 Brasov murder in which the lawyer of a famous local lawyer was found dead at home. The 45-year-old woman had been stabbed in the neck 25 times and had been hit over the head with a blunt object 15 times. The person responsible for the murder is apparently the woman’s husband, lawyer Victor Teodorescu, who is accused of ordering his wife’s murder in order to cash her life insurance. Legal sources quoted by Mediafax said Teodorescu was charged with instigating murder. He is accused of having hired Erwin Victor Presmereanu to kill his wife, in the account of a EUR 60,000 debt that Presmereanu’s mother had to the lawyer.

Investigators say Teodorescu also had very large debts and this is why he decided to have his wife murdered, as the woman had three insurance policies. Moreover, investigators say Teodorescu previously contacted other people with the same purpose, but they refused to carry out the murder.

The same sources said Teodorescu wrote the plan of the killing on a piece of paper which he then gave to Presmereanu. The note in question was analysed by experts, who said the writing was certainly that of the lawyer. Prosecutors have solid evidence against Teodorescu, including a statement from Presmereanu. The alleged hired hitman told prosecutors that the lawyer was the one who convinced him to commit the murder and was also the person who came up with the plan. The sources added that investigators also have a series of documents proving the motive for the murder, but refused to provide any further details.

Yesterday morning, investigators raided the lawyer’s house and detained him in view of transporting him to Bucharest for hearings, as the case is being handled by High Court prosecutors. When asked by journalists if he ordered his wife’s murder, Teodorescu denied the allegations, according to

The main suspect in the case, Presmereanu, 21, was remanded on April 2 on charges of aggravated murder. Investigators arrested him after finding his prints at the scene of the crime. At the time, Presmereanu told investigators that he was an acquaintance of Teodorescu, but denied ever knowing the late wife. Investigators found out that Presmereanu’s mother was a former client to Teodorescu. Presmereanu had been sentenced to two years in jail with suspension of sentence in 2008, on charges of drug trafficking.

The case was entrusted to High Court prosecutors on June 7, by order of Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi. The case was transferred to the High Court Prosecutor’s Office criminal investigation department. “The reasons behind this decision were based on the case’s complexity, as well as on suspicions (…) that the case might not be dealt with objectively,” a press release from the High Court Prosecutor’s Office said.

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