Highway to link Black Sea and Baltic Sea

The plan to build a highway that would link the Black and Baltic seas will be discussed this autumn in Cernauti, ‘Ziarul Financiar’ informs. According to Helmuth Meelich, UNECE Trans-European Railway and Trans-European Motorway project coordinator, “the initiative to finance the corridor that would link the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea has started and detailed talks having to do with the stances of the countries involved – Poland, Ukraine and Romania – will take place on October 6-7 in Cernauti.”  According to the project presented by Romanian and Ukrainian authorities, the highway will follow the E85 route from Marasesti towards Siret and then through Cernauti and Ternopil and will be linked with the Krakow-Lvov-Kiev Highway that is currently under construction, thus interlinking European Corridors III, IV and IV.

Mihai Gainiceru, deputy governor of the Cernauti region, explained that this corridor will link northern EU to southern EU through Ukraine towards Poland and Belarus and then towards the Baltic States. He underlined that the route is already mapped out, pointing out that traffic on E85 doubled every year since 2002 and EU transporters prefer this route because Ukraine eliminated its visa regime for EU member states.

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