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March 29, 2023

5 Romanians killed, 22 injured in car crash in Hungary

The victims were tourists traveling from Arad to Spain. The car crash took place after the motor coach the Romanians were traveling in collided with a lorry driven by a Slovakian driver. The lorry’s driver was killed too.

Five Romanians were killed and 22 others were injured in a car crash that took place yesterday morning on M70 Highway in north-west Hungary. The car crash took place at 4.50 AM Hungarian time (5.50 AM Romanian time – editor’s note) close to the border with Slovenia. An Atlassib motor coach with 38 passengers onboard collided with a lorry that had Slovenian license plates. The motor coach was traveling from Romania to Spain, most of its passengers being asleep at the time of the crash. Two Romanian drivers and two passengers, as well as the lorry’s driver, were killed, Ion Bente, Romanian attaché in Budapest, stated for Mediafax. A Romanian hospitalized with severe injuries died several hours after the crash. According to local authorities, the injured were taken to a hospital in Nagykanizsa locality where it will be decided, based on the severity of the injuries, which one has to be transferred to other hospitals.

Romanian Embassy officials traveled to the car crash site in order to offer consular assistance. The Romanian motor coach had 40 persons onboard – 38 passengers and two drivers. According to the Romanian Foreign Ministry’s Press Service, another Atlassib motor coach will take the surviving passengers back to Romania. Hungarian authorities have started an investigation in order to establish the exact circumstances of the crash. Janos Tiborcz, chief of the local police, claims that the crash took place after the Romanian motor coach entered the opposite lane where it collided with a lorry. According to an eye-witness, the motor coach entered the opposite lane after its driver allegedly fell asleep. In what concerns the injured, Tiborcz states that four other persons have serious injuries, while 19 have light injuries. The passengers that did not suffer injuries were taken to the community centre in Csornyefolde and the Romanian Embassy was contacted, he added.

In his turn, Daniel Micu, director Atlassib, stated that the motor coach was heading towards Spain, having passengers from all major cities in Romania. “The motor coach left the country through Arad yesterday (on Monday – editor’s note) and was heading for Spain. Traveling from Bucharest to Arad, the motor coach had picked up passengers from all major cities,” Micu stated for Mediafax.

Three killed in crash on DN7

A terrible car crash took place yesterday morning on National Road 7 (DN7) between Sebes and Orastie, at the administrative border between the Alba and Hunedoara Counties. Three persons were killed after the vehicle they were traveling in collided with a lorry. Traffic in the area was blocked on both lanes. According to Alba County Police Inspectorate, the car crash was most likely caused by reckless overtaking. A vehicle entered the opposite lane where it collided with a lorry carrying wood.

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