Committee: Marriages, driving license test, in the languages of national minorities

In a meeting held yesterday over the Statute of National Minorities, the Human Rights Committee of the Chamber of Deputies ruled to allow marriages in the languages of national minorities, with the agreement of both sides and on condition that they know the respective language. Another provision of the Minorities’s Law allows candidates to take the written test for the driving license in the language of minorities, where this is justified, Andon added. According to the source, the members of the committee had fierce debates over a provision allowing local authorities to issue public documents only in the language of minorities, where they are majority, but eventually they reached a compromise and allowed only education, cultural and religious units, as well as NGOs, to issue such documents, while public authorities must issue the documents also in Romanian. Talks in the committee reached Article 37 of the Statute of National Minorities, but debates to the controversial articles were postponed.

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