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December 2, 2022

Dance, theatre, music, reading and fashion shows on Midsummer Night

Tha “Prieteneii Muzeelor Minovici” association invites the people of Bucharest, tonight, starting 7pm, for the fifth consecutive year, to celebrate “Noaptea de Sanziene” (Midsummer Night) in the Minovici Museum’s orchard, in the vicinity of the Miorita Fountain, by a special series of events: dance, theatre and music performances, painting and photography exhibitions, as well as fashion shows.

The “Sanziene” (fairies) will be present among the visitors, who will be treated to performances offered by the dancers Razvan Mazilu and Monica Petrica, the panpipe-artist Cornelia Tihon, the actress Brandusa Casandra Mircea, the choreographer and dancer Ioana Macarie, the actor Constantin Florescu and the “Sound” choir, conducted by Voicu Popescu. These will be accompanied by painting and photography exhibitions signed by the artists Flavia Lupu, Luiza Zamora and Serban Bonciocat, as well as two fashion shows, bearing the signature of designers Rhea Costa and Elena Perseil.

Young girls are invited to come dressed in white or yellow, the colours associated to the fairies, whether in traditional or modern attire, to contribute to the fairy-tale atmosphere.

Another celebration will take place in the Central School’s courtyard garden (3-5 Icoanei Street), also from 7pm, when visitors will have a chance to enjoy a reading of excerpts from Mircea Eliade’s novel, “Noaptea de Sanziene” (The Forbidden Forest), followed by a concert of the National Operetta Theatre’s “Bella Musica” quartet, within the “Lectura la lumina felinarelor” (Lamp-lit Reading) programme of the Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Normality (ARCEN).

Entrance to both events taking place in the Capital on Midsummer Eve is free.

“Sanziene” or “Dragaica”, celebrated on June 24, is a spectacular solar festival, dedicated to love and fertility, preceded by a magical night, when healing herbs and those used in spells are picked up, as well as a night when the fairies are said to come out to dance, driving mad whoever catches a glimpse of their dance. Legend has it that the fairies, very beautiful maidens, who live in the woods or on the fields, dance in circle and bestow magical powers to herbs. If celebrated as they deserve, these good fairies help the crops grow and help married women bear healthy children, they multiply birds and beasts and cure the sick. However, if people do not show them proper respect, they get incensed and become akin to the evil fairies, known as “iele” or “rusalii”. According to legend, on Midsummer Night, the fairies go dancing in the woods and whoever sees them is left dumb or goes mad.

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