Rosia Montana Support Group officially launched

Romanian mining industry can be re-launched on modern bases in order to become a real powerhouse for the national economy.

Several organizations, trade unions and NGOs officially launched, on Wednesday, during a press conference, the Rosia Montana Support Group, a communiqué remitted to the editorial office shows. Over 100 persons backing the mining project took part in the event.

Corina Hebestreit, general manager of the ‘Euromines’ European Mining Industry Association (photo), stated that “the launching of the Rosia Montana Support Group sets a new standard for the Romanian mining industry and most likely for the European mining industry too. In the last decades this industry has taken important steps towards improving dialogue with concerned parties, however the setting up of a support group with an independent institutional structure that includes factors from all sectors, ranging from local public authorities to universities, NGOs, industry associations, trade unions and employers’ organizations, is something entirely new.

It’s the expression of democracy and transparency at the highest level, one that sets a standard of innovation and exploitation of the mining potential, with positive effects on Romania’s economic development.”

The setting up of the Support Group was the initiative of employers’ organizations, trade unions and NGOs that studied the mining project’s documents and visited Rosia Montana and concluded that the project is economically viable, respects the law, has an important component dedicated to the restoration and promotion of patrimonial values and brings important economic, cultural and environment benefits at both local and national levels.

The Rosia Montana Support Group already includes 48 members and will have a consistent agenda that will include meetings with opinion makers from various fields, conferences, presentations, and public debates meant to create a constructive and balanced dialogue around the necessity to start the mining project as soon as possible.

A Coordinating Council tasked with supervising the organization’s activity and public relations strategy was also designated. The members of the Coordinating Council are: Ovidiu Nicolescu, President of the National Council of Private SMEs (CNIPMMR); Ion Popescu, President of the ‘Meridian’ National Trade Union Confederation; Eugen Furdui, Rosia Montana Mayor; Tiberiu Andrioaiei, Vice President of the Construction Sector Employers (PSC); Dr. Andrei Jurca, President of the Pro Rosia Montana Association; Bogdan Baltazar, financial consultant; Prof. Dr. Eng. Emil Pop, Rector of the Petrosani University; Prof. Dr. Moise Achim, Rector of the ‘1 Decembrie 1918’ University in Alba Iulia.

“The reality is that the Rosia Montana project represents the largest industrial project in recent years in Romania and has to be studied carefully before expressing any opinion,” Ovidiu Nicolescu explained.

The members of the Support Group consider that the project creates the premises for attracting investors in the Romanian mining industry, an industry that can be re-launched on modern bases in order to become a real powerhouse for the national economy.

“The Rosia Montana Project is the only chance to reinvigorate the Rosia Montana area that is already experiencing an intense process of depopulation. This project will encourage tourism in the area by creating modern infrastructure and will bring investments to Romania, both in the mining industry and in many domains connected to mining”, financial consultant Bogdan Baltazar explained.

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