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December 7, 2021

“Coppélia” ballet show premiere at Cluj-Napoca Opera

The ballet show in three acts “Coppélia” will be presented, in premiere, on Sunday, starting 6:30pm, at the National Opera in Cluj-Napoca, Mediafax reports. The music for the ballet was composed by Léo Delibes, while the libretto belongs to Charles Nuitter and Artur Saint-Léon. The director of the show, Vasile Solomon, stated that he got the show ready in a month. “My collaboration with the ballet troupe in Cluj was fantastic. We do these things with a twinge of madness, because, if someone released the ballet dancers’ payrolls, no one would believe these people make RON 1,000 a month. A ballet dancer can barely live on this kind of money, when we check the card, we shudder, nonetheless, we are trying to bring some joy in the public’s lives and ‘Coppélia’ is an extraordinary performance,” Solomon stated, yesterday.

In turn, the stage set designer Valentin Codoiu argued that more and more dancers are leaving Romania, as they cannot earn a decent living here. “Ballet dancers are paid shamefully low wages, people are desperately looking for a way to earn a living, but, as true value is not recognized, they are leaving Romania. In ‘Coppélia’ we’ve tried to combine traditional elements with a touch of modernism and we are inviting all classes of public to see the show, as it’s truly exceptional,” Codoiu added.

The latest classical ballet premiere at the Cluj-Napoca Opera was “Swan Lake”, presented four years ago.

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