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May 6, 2021

“Ferdinand I – King and Man”, temporary exhibition at Peles Museum

The Peles National Museum hosts the temporary exhibition “Ferdinand I – Omul si Regele” (Ferdinand I – King and Man), to open on Friday, June 24. The exhibition proposes to present, to the public, one of the faces of the man behind the king, by means of his hobbies – botany, reading and hunting -, without leaving aside his quality as a monarch, as well as mark 95 years since Romania’s decision to enter World War I.

Organized in two sections, “Ferdinand-the man” and “Ferdi­nand-the king”, the exhibition brings together pieces of great ar­tistic, historic and documentary value, which come from the Peles Mu­seum’s collection, as well as from the collections of prestigious mu­seums in Bucharest: the Na­tio­nal Museum of Romanian His­tory, the National Philately Mu­seum and the “Ferdinand I” Na­tio­nal Military Museum. Visitors will have a chance to see, within this temporary exhibition, King Fer­dinand of Romania’s cloak, re­plicas of the royal crown and of the sword worn on coronation day, a throne dating from the late 19th century, his death mask, royal portraits, orders and medals, period photographs, three of the king’s uniforms, as well as a saddle blanket.

The exhibition also includes Ferdinand-the man’s few personal objects: a couple of botany and fiction books, a herbarium from his early years, a portrait signed by Argnani, his chess set and his riding whip. Also on display are a series of photographs skilfully taken by Queen Marie, presenting him in scenes of daily life: at his writing desk, in the company of his family or close friends, during his long hikes through the forests around Sinaia.

Since 1997, the Peles National Museum organized two exhibitions dedicated to each of the following royal figures: Queen Marie (2000 and 2004), Queen Elisa­beta (1997 and 2009), King Carol I (2006 and 2009) and, the latest, dedicated to King Carol II (2010).

The exhibition is open to the public until September 2, on Wednesdays, between 11am and 5pm, and, Thursday to Sunday, 9:15am to 5pm.

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