EU leaders support Commission plan to integrate the Roma

The EU framework document drafted by the European Commission concerning the national strategies aimed at integrating the ethnic Roma population has been approved at the highest political level. European leaders met Friday in Brussels and approved a plan aimed at ending the exclusion of the Roma minority on the European continent. According to the ‘EU Framework for national Roma Integration Strategies,’ each of the 27 member states of the EU will decide how it will improve the situation of the most vulnerable Roma communities living on its territory. Member states will have to identify solutions in four essential sectors – education, employment, health and housing – and come with measures proportional to the size of their Roma population. EU will support the effort by providing funds and a sound legal framework against discrimination. Governments will have to present their national strategies until the end of 2011. The European Commission will evaluate these plans and will present reports on these documents by next spring. (Carmen Dinu, Brussels)

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