Ponta: USL will put an end to Basescu’s political career

The president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Victor Ponta (photo), launched a virulent attack against the head of state yesterday while in Alexandria, during the launch of the Social Liberal Union (USL)’s strategy for agriculture. “I want to tell you two things, in this warm atmosphere, both properly and figuratively speaking. Firstly, it gives me great pleasure to address you after Crin Antonescu. When we took part in the meeting on Tuesday, at Cotroceni, you could see Mr. Basescu was looking for his bottle on the floor,” Ponta stated, quoted by Mediafax.

Continuing his string of critical remarks targeted at the president, Ponta said he was happy that, alongside the leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Crin Antonescu, he would put an end to “Traian Basescu’s political career, a career which was a misfortune for Romania, a difficult time for our country, which closely evokes other times in our history”.

In this context, Ponta argued that “once we had Carol II, with his Elena, then Ceausescu and his Elena, and now we have Basescu and his Elena”. “Liviu Dragnea, who, from time to time, becomes a target for Basescu and his minions, told me he had known Basescu for 16 years. I’m sure you did not think, 16 years ago, you would be here with us as we put an end to Traian Basescu’s political career,” the Social-Democrat said.

He also reminded the audience that the head of state had argued, time and again, that the three parties making up USL (PSD, PNL and the Conservative Party – PC) would not last long together. “I wish to tell Crin Antonescu he would not stand with the Liberals in the opposition, he would be alongside PSD, in power,” Ponta added, hinting at consultations taking place last week in Cotroceni, at the end of which the head of state had summoned Antonescu to a private interview.

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