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March 27, 2023

Bucharest, the ugliest capital in the EU

Streets ridden with potholes, piles of garbage on the main arteries, no hot water, a sewerage system all but inexistent – this is a picture of Bucharest, drawn by Vertical­News.com, quoted by tourism-review.com. Based on these, Bucharest was designated the ugliest European capital. According to the same source, there are no asphalted streets, drinkable water and proper sewerage, and a tourist visiting some quarters in Bucharest might think himself back in the Middle Ages. There are houses which have running water, but no sewerage system, while householders who do not have running water have to bring water from the well. According to Tyden.cz, sanitary authorities took, in 2007, water samples from 60 wells and the results were alarming, as the concentration of nitrites in the water was, in most cases, above the limit allowed. The quality of life is constantly decreasing and, in 2009, Bucharest ranked last but one, before Sofia, according to the company Mercer, which took into account pollution levels, access to drinkable water, sewerage and electricity and the crime rate.

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