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August 1, 2021

Daciana Sarbu faced with difficulties in paying loans

According to her statement of wealth posted on the Romanian Standing Electoral Authority’s website, MEP Daciana Sarbu sold, for EUR 350,000, the nearly 300 sq m-flat in the Charles de Gaulle area, which she had bought in 2001, to pay a real-estate loan contracted with Banca Transilvania for another flat, covering 167 sq m, worth EUR 219,912. “I had thought that the money from the rent would cover monthly instalments at the bank.” Victor Ponta’s wife stated, for ‘Gandul’. Daciana Sarbu claims that, after the economic crisis, she was no longer able to pay the monthly instalments for the loan. “The interest was killing me. The loan was in EUR and, initially, I could cover the instalments from the rent. Then I had problems renting the flat or had to rent it for less money, while the bank kept raising the interest,” the Social-Democrat Party MEP explained.

In her updated statement of wealth, president Basescu’s younger daughter, MEP Elena Basescu, a.k.a. EBA, mentions a EUR 6,000-debt to a bank which she has to pay until next year. However, there is no mention of a house or plot of land in her statement of wealth, the only possessions being the Range Rover bought in 2007, jewellery and watches worth EUR 22,500 and EUR 16,000 in bank accounts. Last year EBA collected, from the European Parliament, funds slightly above EUR 110,000 for transport and EUR 50,000 for office expenditures. The MEP’s pay amounted, in turn, to EUR 75,000.

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