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March 21, 2023

INS: Number of employees will stay unchanged, prices to go up this summer

Company managers estimate for June-August this year a more intense activity in industry, construction, commerce and services, along with a relative stability of the number of employees and an increase of products’ prices, finds a survey conducted by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

The managers that participated in the conjectural survey of June 2011 estimated for the next three months a moderate increase of the processing industry’s output (conjectural balance +11 pc) and of industrial prices (conjectural balance +8 pc). Managers expect the number of employees to largely stay unchanged, with a conjectural balance of just 1 pc per total processing industry (+2 pc for very large companies with more than 500 employees). Some activity sectors will register a much stronger growth than the average: manufacturing of rubber and plastic products, road vehicles and electric equipment.

The construction sector expects a solid output increase (conjectural balance +16 pc) and a moderate advance of the stock of contracts and orders (conjectural balance +10 pc). For this activity sector, managers estimate a relative stability of the personnel (conjectural balance +5 pc) and a moderate increase of prices (conjectural balance +12 pc).
In the given interval, the retail activity will experience a moderate growth (conjectural balance +8 pc), in the volume of both total sales and orders placed with merchandise providers. For the next three months, employers estimate a relative stability in the number of employees throughout this sector, but also an increase of product prices (conjectural balance +28 pc).

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