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May 26, 2020

Cozmin Gusa: Ponta’s political career, launched by Cocos

In an interview published yesterday by ‘Evenimentul Zilei,’ Cozmin Gusa, adviser of former PSD Bucharest President Marian Vanghelie, launched a harsh attack against PSD President Victor Ponta, stating that the latter’s political career was launched by Dorin Cocos, husband of Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea.

“It would be ironic for none other than Iliescu to accuse Vanghelie of having a partnership with Elena Udrea, considering that Iliescu praised her lately, or none other than Nastase whom Dorin Cocos and Elena backed for a long time, or none other than Ponta whose political career would have been quasi-impossible without the direct support offered by Dorin Cocos and Elena,” Gusa said. Moreover, he claimed that during the Presidential campaign in 2009, back when Mircea Geoana was Traian Basescu’s contender, Ponta “didn’t play in our team, he played in Basescu’s team.”

In what concerns Vanghelie’s dismissal from the helm of PSD Bucharest, Gusa stated that there were two reasons for it. The first one concerns “the irreconcilable relation between Victor Ponta and Marian Vanghelie at a personal level,” pointing out that there is “a whole history of conflicts between them,” starting with the PSD Congress in 2005 and running until the Presidential elections two years ago. The second reason according to Gusa has to do with PSD’s interests, namely Sorin Oprescu’s, Adrian Nastase’s and Ion Iliescu’s interests.

Also yesterday, ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ wrote, quoting PSD sources, that Vanghelie’s dismissal from the helm of the party’s Bucharest branch was a decision taken as early as February 21, 2010. More precisely, the day after the Congress meeting that elected Ponta party president. According to the same sources, it seems PSD Secretary General Liviu Dragnea, one of the most influential local leaders and until recently one of Vanghelie’s main supporters, played a decisive role in Vanghelie’s dismissal. Relations between the two cooled off lately. It all started from money and influence, the “bone of contention” being the Giurgiu County that is politically within Vanghelie’s sphere of influence but over which Dragnea has started to lay claims. On top of all that, there is the European Commission investigation in which Dragnea is mentioned as being involved in a row concerning fraud with European funds. The aforementioned sources state Dragnea had serious suspicions that Vanghelie had contributed to those accusations.

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