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June 25, 2021

Prime-minister, taken to task in Cluj on widespread poverty

In reply, Emil Boc thanked all Romanians for their support, saying that otherwise, the country couldn’t have averted the risk of economic collapse.

As the prime-minister Emil Boc was in the Manastur quarter in Cluj-Napoca, on Saturday, a man rolled down his car window and shouted: “The people are starving”. When asked by the journalists to comment on the gesture, Emil Boc replied: “I wish to thank the  s because, without their support, Romania couldn’t have averted the risk of economic collapse. The Romanian people have made the greatest sacrifices and they deserve the appreciation of people in Europe, of the entire world. (…) The bright side is we will be seeing the effects of economic growth in 2012, including its financial effects, and we will realize it was a good thing we saved the country from economic

Asked, as well, while visiting the site of rehabilitation works on the Cluj-Napoca tram line, why the Romanian state was paying the company Bechtel for the equipment to be left lying about, Boc replied that others should be asked in reference to this contract. “Ask Adrian Nastase (e.n. the Social-Democrat ex-PM) and Miron Mitrea (e.n. the Social-Democrat ex-Transport Min), who signed the contract with Bechtel, under what terms they signed it. You should ask them more often, as well, about the Petrom contract, if you want to trace the whereabouts of 99 pc of the country’s oil reserves”. Boc also took the opportunity to make ironic remarks about the Liberals, stating that the National Liberal Party (PNL) could very well criticize him for cutting ribbons, while, during the Liberal government, “their scissors got rusty as there was nothing to cut with it” and a mere 5 km of a highway was inaugurated.

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