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April 23, 2021

EUR 5 bln-investments in renewable energy may be lost

The Romanian Wind Energy Association (AREE), which comprises 91 companies with an interest in the wind energy industry, warns that the modifications which the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) proposes to bring to the Law to promote renewable energy will jeopardize investments of at least EUR 5 bln, according to a release remitted, yesterday, by the association, quoted by Money.ro. The companies which make up AREE argue that this measure is in contradiction with the initial intention of encouraging this sector, as well as with the spirit of European Directive 2009/28/CE.

By the modifications posted on the institution’s website, ANRE introduces the monitoring of producers and reduces the number of green certificates. AREE representatives argue that the modification of the support scheme may come at too early a time for an industry which is still in its early days in Romania and “will create uncertainty, resulting in failure to draw funds for renewable energy projects. Without a solid basis for calculation of the funding plan, banks will be unable to grant loans,” the chair of the Romanian Wind Energy Association, Dana Duica, stated. The companies also argue that a realistic deadline has to be set, up to which the scheme should not be modified. “Furthermore, although the bureaucratic process is long and cumbersome as it is, ANRE wants to compel the companies to report capacities of over 125 MW individually, which puts at risk the completion of numerous grand-scale projects. No other member state applies such a provision,” the AREE representative further argued.

Moreover, ANRE intends to modify the rules regarding priority access and the network distribution of electric power obtained from renewable sources, envisaging a “guaranteed access” instead of “priority access and priority distribution”, a provision which strays from both the letter and the spirit of law 220/2008, as well as from the European Directive 29/2009.

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