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July 31, 2021

Marian Vanghelie, the “position-man” in PSD

Recently relegated from the presidency of the Social Democratic Party (PSD)’s Bucharest organization, the largest in the country, Marian Vanghelie believes he was “ejaculated” (an obvious confusion with “ejected”) from office because he is a thorn in other people’s side. “I don’t have any problems with the law, I wasn’t charged with anything, I was never engaged in any deals with the state, they could never get me with anything. (…) What bothers them is that I am a powerful man,” Vanghelie claims, in an interview to “Libertatea”. When asked whether he thought he risked being expelled from the party as well, the mayor replied, without false modesty: “This is about the position. I have a special position in PSD. The position is called Marian Vanghelie and I will have it for life. No one can take it from me.”

Vanghelie further stated that, as regards politicians’ errors of expression (or otherwise), the journalists are also to blame, “because they are malevolent”. He invokes, as a case in point, not only his name, but also that of president Basescu. “I do not wish to be Traian Basescu, I do not wish to back Traian Basescu, but it’s plain to see when some press trusts are deliberately … pulling strings.” He characterizes the head of state as “intelligent and hungry for power” and Ion Iliescu as “the greatest Romanian politician”. Vanghelie further stated that his “political” plan for the next 15 years does not include, in the near future, at least, any ministerial ambitions, but would continue along the line of public administration, and he did not preclude joining, at some point, the race for Bucharest Mayor’s Office. The Sector 5 mayor refrained from direct attacks against the current mayor, Sorin Oprescu, in the aforementioned interview, but did say that “what should be done in Bucharest is not done, now. All we can think of is grass, grass, grass. We spend millions of euros on grass. And we don’t like lawn seed, the kind that is sown even in front of the White House in Washington. We only like grass rolls, which are very expensive.” Marian Vanghelie claims he is not a Gypsy and has no connection with the Roma. “My father is Israeli, my mother is Romanian, but I don’t like talking about my family,” the mayor further stated.

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