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May 18, 2021

First registration tax might be replaced by general pollution tax

In the next two weeks, the government will make a decision over the recently announced variant of a new auto tax, but a new idea surfaced in the inter-ministry committee, about replacing the current tax with a general pollution tax for all automobiles, Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely announced, quoted by Mediafax. He did not disclose any detail about the idea and avoided saying whom it belonged to and when it might replace the current “green” tax paid upon the registration of a new vehicle.

In its variant of June 17, the draft law provided for a 30 pc cut of the tax level since July 1, 2011, while car owners who already paid the higher tax would have received the difference back. But the government modified the draft law by removing any deadline, so the moment when the tax reduction would come into force and authorities would start to repay the money has become uncertain.

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